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Hey hey my name is Shanakay (yes that rhymes). I'm a Front End Web Developer and Designer based out of Toronto and I design and build web applications and websites. I'm a problem solver who's humbly confident and naturally curious. I love collaborating and applying my creative and technical skills on projects and I aim to deliver performance and beauty to the projects I work on. Away from the computer I like to travel and explore new places, live shows, and foodie things.

Featured Projects

Ontario Covid Tracker Screenshot

Ontario Coronavirus Tracker

Web Designer & Developer

This website tracks Coronavirus cases in Ontario. The goal was to use two or three API’s and have them display information on the web page cohesively. I worked with GeoJSON to pull data and display it on the map as well as pulled data from the Ontario government website to display daily statistics.

Technology Stack JavaScript/JQuery | GeoJSON | CSS | Bootstrap | Photoshop

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TO Advotech website mockup.

TO Advotech

Web Developer

TO Advotech is a grassroots movement that works to neutralize workplace cultures in technology to address the intersectionality of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Working with the core development team I assisted with the building out of the front-end part of the website.

Technology Stack SCSS | JavaScript

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Skinn Naturals website mockup.

Skinn Naturals

Web Designer

Website for a natural skincare line called Skinn Naturals. This is a demo website so checkout is not enabled.

Technology Stack Webflow

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Heal in Colour Screenshot

Heal in Colour

Web Designer & Developer

Heal in Colour is a Toronto based company dedicated to making black and brown bandages the norm. I worked with them to design and develop their website for the launch of their bandages. The goal was to build a website that aligns with their branding while being fun and professional at the same time. I also added custom micro interactions to the images to add to the user experience.

Technology Stack Shopify | CSS | Adobe XD | SEO Optimization

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YU Faculty of Science Profile Finder Screenshot

YU Faculty of Science Profiles Directory

Web Designer & Developer

Led the building out the front end of a faculty and staff profiles directory website using WordPress. Custom post types, view templates, and dynamic pages are built using conditionals and shortcodes in Toolset and custom CSS.

Technology Stack WordPress | Toolset | CSS | SEO Optimization

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Access to Power Screenshot

Access to Power

Web Designer & Developer

A client project for a business consulting firm called Access to Power. I worked with the client to gather requirements and design preferences, designed a mockup and then built the website from the mockup. Animation elements were also added to add to the overall user experience.

Technology Stack WordPress | CSS | Adobe XD | SEO Optimization

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Parents for Diversity Screenshot

Parents for Diversity

Web Designer & Developer

A client project for a non profit organization called Parents for Diversity. They wanted to redesign their outdated Wix website to improve the design, make it accessible, and build a custom digital library of children's books called the Diversity Library that would be easy for their team to update. The solution was to migrate and build their new website on WordPress updated to meet their requirements. The custom digital library, team members and resources pages are all built using Toolset and allow for dynamically adding new items as needed. Custom post types, view templates, and dynamic pages are built using conditionals and shortcodes in Toolset with some custom CSS.

Technology Stack WordPress | Toolset | CSS | Accessibility | SEO Optimization

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Soundly music application screenshot

Soundly Music Web Application

Web Designer & Developer

A music application that allows users to register, login, play music and create playlists. The project goal was to use PHP to create a CRUD application. I worked together with my team to outline the project scope and requirements and establish a timeline. I created the mockups for the application and developed the login system and contact form feature using Object Oriented Programming principles.

Technology Stack PHP | MySQL | CSS | Bootstrap | Photoshop

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Collage of CSS graphics
CSS Graphics and Animations
Web Developer

A series of CSS graphics and animations I completed as a personal challenge over 7 days. It was great practice for positioning and very fun to do!

Technology Stack HTML | CSS | Vanilla JavaScript

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Email marketing graphic design
Email Marketing Designs

A collection of email marketing designs used in various MailChimp campaigns.

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York U Science website mockup.
YU Science Web Optimization Project
Web Designer & Developer

Consulted with and led the redesign and migration of Faculty and department websites.

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Keilhauer manufacturing site preview on computer.
Keilhauer Website Maintenance
Web Coordinator

Built pages, troubleshooted technical issues and completed updates and maintenance across the company website.

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